Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kayfabe Q&A: Hoss Tull

When did you decide you wanted to be a Pro Wrestler?

I wasn't interested in Professional Wrestling until I was about 14 years old. That would have been around 1984.

Who were your favorite wrestlers?

In the beginning it was Hulk Hogan. Then Randy Savage. After watching WWF for a few I found the NWA and discovered the Road Warriors.

Was your family supportive of you becoming a wrestler? 

That was never an issue. I was actually on the path to the UWF training school in 1989. But those plans fell through.

Where did you train and what was it like?

I was introduced to Dave Hollenbeck, known as HAVOC at PINNACLE Wrestling in Pacific, WA. Training at PINNACLE was awesome at the time. Mainly because a majority of us, about 13-20 people, were all so new to the experience of being trained in Professional Wrestling. It was a fantasy come true.

How long have you been competing?

I have been wrestling for almost 8 years. But that would include training. So mid August 2004 was when I started training. And then by that winter myself and a majority of the boys were traveling to Oregon to work for WCWC in Salem and Rainier.

Sinn Bohdi aka Kizarny and Hoss Tull
Have you met many big names since you started? If so, what was your impression of them?

I have met and worked shows with HAVOC, Jake "The Snake" Roberts (douchebag), Babydoll, Kizarny, Raven, Nick "Eugene" Densmore (awesome dude), Davey Dick...I mean Richards, Tiny Kozina, Jack Evans, Beau James, Dr. Tom Pritchard, Harry Smith (slave name DH smith), TJ Wilson (slave name Tyson Kidd). Obviously I do NOT like Jake Roberts, Douchey Richards or Tiny Kozina. They are just horrible people no matter how talented they may or may not be.

What is your favorite match that you have competed in so far?

I liked working with Exile and CW Bergstrom. But my matches with HAVOC are what really stand out in my mind.

Who is your dream opponent?

Angelina Love in a Bra and Panties match? No? Maybe against Dutch Savage in a No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere, Last Man Standing Coal Miners Glove Match. MY specialty.

What is the toughest and/or easiest part about being a wrestler?

The part that is most difficult now is the fact that almost everybody in the Pacific Northwest is so clueless as to what Professional Wrestling IS. The easiest part, well that is being a part of HPG Pro and our training in KUMA PRO. KUMA PRO will be the next generation of what fighting has to offer. All the finesse of JUDO, power of Sumo, and discipline of Jiu Jitsu.

What do you think about the PG direction of the current WWE product?

I completely stopped watching WWEvil a few months ago, so I cannot comment.

The business as a whole is down right now. What do you think needs to change to help it grow to where it was in the late 90's?

The way that WWEvil is ruining...I mean running business is NOT what Professional Wrestling was when I first started watching it. But that is evolution right? Regardless of my opinion, Pro Wrestling as a whole needs a big extra strength douche to clean out all the crap & crustiness. There are too many people running around calling themselves Professional Wrestlers when they have not had a day of training to back it up. Too many Indy companies that think just because they own a ring and a license that they're actually promoters, when the fact is if you want to be a promoter the work needs to be done, just like if you want to be a good wrestler, you train.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Not absolutely sure on that. I am sure that I will NOT be wrestling for any of the current PNW (Pacific Northwest) Indy companies. I am focusing on HPG Pro and KUMA PRO. Otherwise I'd really want to travel to bookings outside of the Pacific Northwest.

Any upcoming shows you would like to plug?

Any upcoming events will be advertised on my facebook page,
Contact me at hosstull@gmail or my facebook inbox, Serious inquiries only please.

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