Monday, October 8, 2012

Kayfabe Q&A: BLK Jeez

Height 5'7"
Weight 170 lbs. 
Hometown: West Philly

Did you watch wrestling as a kid? And if so, who were your favorites?

Yes, I watched it ever since I was a kid. My all time favorite is Eddie Guerrero but, I've admired so many different people. My list of favorites would take me all day long to write.

When Did you decide you wanted a career in wrestling?

When I was really young, like 8 or 9 years old or so.

Was your family supportive of your chosen career path?

At first, I think they just felt that I was going through a phase and would break out of it. But over time, they've been very supportive every step of the way. They're pretty proud of my decision to follow my dream.

Who trained you and what was that experience like?

Originally, I was trained by Charles Gregory, known on the Indys as Gemini. I've had various trainers and mentors over time though.

BLKOUT members Ruckus & BLK Jeez

Your first "big break" came when you joined CZW and teamed with Ruckus to form The BLKOUT. What was that like, and did you realize how big BLKOUT would become?

A great experience. I knew that Blkout had the potential to become very big. Actually, Blkout could have been so much bigger if it wasn't for the politics of pro wrestling. If more bookers/promoters thought like businessmen and wanted to make money instead of being stubborn and petty, Blkout would be on TV every week right now! But u know, it is what it is.

BLKOUT had a long running feud with The Kings of Wrestling, What did you think about the matches you had with Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero (Current WWE star Antonio Cesaro and NXT's Kassius Ohno)?

I was still pretty green at the time and those guys really carried me, I'd say. I did learn a lot from them in terms of character development, performing like a star, match pacing, etc. It's great to see that they both made it to WWE because they definitely deserved it.

In 2005 you started working for Chikara. What was it like working there opposed to working in CZW?

Completely different from CZW. I had a good time there and it was another learning experience.

This past June you wrestled for both WWE and TNA in the same week, How did that come about?

I was contacted by both companies and presented with an opportunity. I went in, did well and got positive feedback.

Who came up with the Jared Wachtler name for Smackdown? Is there a story behind it?

That was the name that the writers gave me. I don't know if there was any story behind it at all.

What was your impression of both companies?

I enjoyed working for both companies. I know that with the right situation, I can do big things in either company. I would definitely rather be there than working on the Indys. Aside from ROH and PWG, there aren't any Indy companies that really interest me. I proved myself in the top 2 companies in the U.S. and that's something that no one can take away from me.

Have you been in contact with Ring of Honor? If so, is there a chance we could be seeing you there anytime soon?

Not since wrestling there at the August tapings. I am interested in wrestling there more often, I had a very good time.

Jeez as Ra'Shad Cameron taking it to Sonjay Dutt at TNA Destination X

Do you have a "dream opponent"?

Not really. My dream opponent would have been, Eddie Guerrero. I guess if I had to choose one dream opponent, it would be Jushin 'Thunder' Liger.

What do you feel are the positives and negatives about working in the business?

The positives are being able to create something out of nothing. Being able to entertain people. Putting a smile on their faces or making them hate our characters so much. Getting them so emotionally attached to everything that were doing. Another BIG POSITIVE is getting paid to travel the World do something that I've always wanted to do.

The negatives are,the politics that exist. The loss of friendships because of the politics of it. When you put everything into pro wrestling, you miss out on a lot of things in your personal life. Lots of strained relationships there. Also, it's become TOO EASY for anyone to become a pro wrestler. A Lot of people lack passion and don't take it seriously enough and I just feel that those people should not be in the business.

Could we see BLK Jeez back in a TNA ring soon?

You mentioned wrestlers who "Lack Passion". According to many, there are people who currently compete in both WWE and TNA who have been described that way. How does it make you feel that there are people like that who are taking roster spots that should go to someone like you?

I try not to dwell on that. But, I do feel that I would do positive things if I was on either roster.

Last night you faced former ECW star Christian York in Baltimore, next week it will be someone else. Do you feel you are at the top of your game at this point?

Pretty much. I know that I'm able to go out there every night or every week and stand out and give the people their money's worth.

Tell us, who is BLK Jeez?

Blk Jeez is a guy from Philly that takes pride in his city and in his performances. Blk Jeez is someone that cannot be touched by ANYONE on the Indys these days, promo wise. Blk Jeez is someone that will do well in WWE and/or TNA. It's a FACT that Blk Jeez (Ra'Shad Cameron) stood out character wise in my short time on TNA and with the right opportunity, the sky is the limit.

Frank Venezia & Jared Wachtler (BLK Jeez) about to face Ryback

Any upcoming shows you would like to plug?

October 6th- Baltimore,MD for RCW (
October 13th- Voorhees,NJ for CZW (
October 20th- Bethany,CT for CTWE (

How can people get in touch with you?

Twitter- @jeez215

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