Saturday, November 3, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling Review 11/1/2012

1. Joseph Park being back was a plus. I enjoy his schtick, and it gives his body a rest after all those years of destroying himself as Abyss.

2. Joe is gonna kill Magnus at Turning Point. 'Nuff said.

3. When I saw Wes Brisco in the backstage segment with Hogan, I popped huge. It's no secret that he is the member of Aces & Eights with the long blond hair, so the internet wrestling SMARK in me was grinning from ear to self important ear. Never trust the random guy who shows up out of nowhere to help fight your cause. Did they forget to read the manual?

4. Daniels and Kazarian's new music is groovy as shit. I almost jumped off of the couch and embarrassed not only myself, but my entire family during their entrance.

5. Chavo and Hernandez do nothing for me as Tag Champs. They quite frankly bore the shit out of me. Chavo has only ever been pushed as anything special because of who his Uncle is, and it pisses me off.

6. Christian York did well for himself during his Gut Check match with Zema Ion. He's put on a lot of muscle since the last time I saw him in ECW, or even his one time in TNA a decade ago. The added muscle weight might have actually slowed him down a step or two. But it was still a very impressive outing.

7. All is right in the world now that Austin Aries' short run as a face is over. Much like CM Punk in WWE, the guy is a natural heel. Now all TNA needs to do is put the belt back on him...

8. Speaking of guys who shouldn't be faces, WTF Bully Ray? Probably one of the top three heels in the business and they feel the need to have him be apart of the fight against Aces of Anarchy? Please just have him pull the swerve already!

9. I skipped right through ODB vs Tara's man-thing. I have no time for shit like that.

10. When they switched announce teams in the middle of the show I was a bit bummed. I dig Borash and whoever the fuck that was. They almost give TNA a Mike Goldberg/UFC sound to the presentation. There was no characters, just two dudes calling some wrestling. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

11. I skipped through the Hardy/Robbie E match as the outcome was never in question. But the stuff after the match was pretty cool. Hardy challenging Aries to a ladder match, presumably with both TNA World Title belts hanging above the ring Wrestlemania X style, was awesome. I'm looking forward to this match, but now I doubt TNA is planning on giving Aries back the title. Oh well, at least he's still the Greatest Man To Ever Live.

12. It's sad that TNA will never give AJ Styles another run on top. It's been over two years since he dropped the belt and was put into mid card feuds. The guy is amazing in the ring, and deseves better than the shit they give him. At least he's in the number 1 contender Triple Threat for the World Title at Turning Point, he aint winning, but at least he's there.

13. Joey Ryan does not need Sterling Golden...I mean Matt Morgan. I know that the bodygaurd routine helps to get personalities like Ryan over, but they are better when they stand silent and menecing in the background. I would perfer that Morgan never speaks, but that's not where they're going. And are they trying to build to a Morgan/Hogan match? For the sake of all things fuck don't let that happen!!!

14. I'm digging the build toward an eventual Bully Ray/Devon match, unless it's all a swerve. From what I've read, at Turning Point it's set to be Devon vs Kurt Angle, so maybe Bully joins the group that night.

15.  And finally, Luke Gallows being revealed as a member of Aces of Anarchy was much needed. It's about time they progressed this storyline, and much like Wes Brisco, it's no secret that he's been under the mask. I've always liked Gallows. He was great in the Straightedge Society under Punk, and he can be equally as great here.

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